Technology today has changed the way children pursue hobbies. Kids are immersed in electronic gadgets from a very young age, thereby missing out on the joys of hand-created art and craft. Research has shown that art activities from an early age help build motor skills, visual learning, decision making skills and innovation - apart from experiencing the joy of creating art for art’s sake!

Mission and Vision
Since 2015, MakeArtWork has been organising the annual childrens' art event "Kreative Kids On-the-Spot Drawing Competition" for kids aged 5 to 15 years. Our aim is to provide a platform for kids to come together and express themselves through art in a friendly, fun-filled community based atmosphere.
Through this event we create awareness amongst children of the importance of giving back to the community. Part of the proceeds of each event are donated to the not-for-profit organization Crafting For A Cure.

A Glimpse of 2018 Event

Introducing new layers to our Celebration of Art -
Unique Rangoli and Henna Competitions for Adults!!

A Glimpse of 2017 Event

"Mom, can we come back again next year?"

A Glimpse of 2016 Event

"Hats off to you guys for making this happen. Also would like to thank you for your generous gift which made my daughter's as well as our weekend!

Very thoughful of recognising every participant. All our friends and their kids had lots of fun."

P. Jawker

Some reactions to the Kreative Kids event...

A Glimpse of 2015 Event

"I had a blast last Saturday at the Kreative Kids Drawing Competition, run by Sudhir and Sangeeta Bagwe. Congrats on a great event you two!
I discovered Pamela Bielak's great arts charity Crafting for a Cure there and I got to know Councillor John Kovac a bit better too."

Derek Luis, Director of Outreach

Mississauga Arts Council

And our favourite reaction...

"Sudhir and Sangeeta, most of all, I really appreciate how you are helping to create wonderful memories for children and families."

S. Tumne

"Thank you for allowing our daughter to be part of this lovely event. She had a great time and so did my husband and I."

D. Bowman

"Thank you for the opportunity for my granddaughter to participate in this event. The event was a wonderful idea. We had a great afternoon and look forward to future events."

H. Harvey

"This is a wonderful opportunity for children to express their creativity and demonstrate their artistic talents.

I thank you and extend congratulations for your leadership in promoting the arts in the community and fundraising for the charitable sector."

Dipika Damerla, MPP

Mississauga East - Cooksville

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Rangoli  is the art of drawing colourful patterns near the entrance of the home and is said to welcome good vibes into the home.
Henna  is the traditional art of drawing temporary tattoos on the body and is hugely popular at weddings and other celebratory occassions.

Join us at this unique opportunity to flaunt your artistic talents!